Climate Community and Biodiversity Standards

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards identify projects that simultaneously address climate change, support local communities and smallholders, and conserve biodiversity.

Sustainable development in all parts of the world involves land management. When carefully designed, land management projects can improve livelihoods, create employment, protect traditional cultures and endangered species, help secure tenure to lands and resources, increase the resiliency of ecosystems and help to combat climate change. The CCB Standards can be applied to any land management project, including projects also certified under the VCS Program.

The CCB Program promotes excellence and innovation from the earliest stages of project design and development through implementation. CCB Standards criteria ensure that projects:

* Identify all stakeholders and ensure their full and effective participation
* Recognize and respect customary and statutory rights
* Obtain free, prior and informed consent
* Assess and monitor direct and indirect costs, benefits and risks
* Identify and maintain high conservation values
* Demonstrate net positive climate, community and biodiversity benefits

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