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World Leader in Validation, Verification of Climate Change Projects for GHG, VCS, GS, GCC, ISO 14064 & Management System Certification & Training, CE Marking, Sustainability Services, Food Safety, Audit, Inspection

About Us

Founded in 2005, KBS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred as KBS) is established as a service-based organization with the objective to provide independent third party assessment services in the diverse areas of Management System Certification, Climate Change Services, Sustainability Reporting and Assurance, Product certifications including CE marking, Training, and Inspection.

With multiple accreditations as feathers in our cap and constant endeavor to expand into new service areas, KBS is among few certification bodies worldwide known for providing quality services in time with complete focus on customer satisfaction. KBS has become a Brand in the international market especially in the Climate Change field including CDM, VCS (Verra), Gold Standard, Social Carbon, ISO 14064. Our services in Sustainability, which includes assistance for clients in reporting and assurance, specifically cater to the unique demands of our individual clients. KBS feels pride to successfully validate and verify more than 400 project activities/ Programme of Activities (PoA) across the globe from Asia to Africa and Latin America. Our success rate is incomparable with our competitors with a special focus on timely deliverables agreed with our clients considering the pressing needs of projects, if any. 

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FSSAI third party audit

KBS is a FSSAI approved agency to conduct third party audit and our expert auditing team are ensuring the food safety compliance to meet FSSAI requirement.

As per the Food Safety and Standard (Food Safety Auditing) regulations, 2018, annual third party food safety audit of food establishment under high risk categories should be audited by an FSSAI recognized auditing agency (E.g.: KBS Certification Services PVT. LTD). It is mandatory for the all food establishment to be audited by third party certification agency.

FSSAI is closely monitoring the status of third party audit in order to ensure food safety compliance. It is a food establishment responsibility to be in compliance with FSSAI requirement, hence all the organization should ensure that compliance is ensured through approved agency such as KBS certification services PVT. Ltd.


Hygiene Rating Scheme

Hygiene rating is the FSSAI’s initiative for food businesses supplying food directly to consumers, either on or off premise
Hygiene Rating and Right Place to Eat Schemes are recent schemes under Project Serve Safe. The food establishments are rated based on food hygiene and safety conditions observed at the time of audit. The hygiene rating will be in the form of stickers rating (1 to 5) and the certificate should be displayed prominently in the consumer facing area
The scheme aims to allow consumers to make informed choices/decisions pertaining to the food outlets where they eat by encouraging food businesses to improve their hygiene and
safety standards. Hygiene ratings are being conducted in the food service sector covered under the Scheme. The audit should be conducted by approved auditors with qualification and experience in food service sector




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