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KBS started its operations in climate change services since its inception in 2011. With our clients spread globally, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance and highly experienced team of auditors and experts. KBS is one of the most active Designated Operational Entity/Validation and Verification Body in climate change services and has acquired several years of experience in the field of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard for Global Goals (GS4GG), etc. and has successfully validated/ verified/ certified more than 500 projects/programme of activities globally.

Our Services


CDM allows emission-reduction (or emission removal) projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2. These CERs can be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to meet a part of their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol.
We are accredited by UNFCCC (United Nations’ Framework For Climate Change & Convention) as a DOE for validation and verification services.

Gold Standard for Global Goals (GS4GG)

Gold Standard for the Global Goals is a standard designed to accelerate progress toward climate security and sustainable development. The standard enables initiatives to quantify, certify and maximize their impacts toward climate security and the Sustainable Development Goals, while enhanced safeguards, holistic project design, management of trade-offs and local stakeholder engagement ensure Gold Standard continues to deliver the highest levels of environmental and social integrity.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting (ISO 14064)

ISO 14064 is a standard that provides governments, businesses, regions, and other organisations with a complementary set of tools for programs to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions.
We are accredited by NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies) as an inspection body to carry out ISO 14064.

Global Carbon Council (GCC)

The Global Carbon Council (GCC), an initiative of Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD), is a voluntary carbon offsetting program that aims to assist the organisations reduce their carbon footprints, help sectoral economy to diversify by adopting low-carbon pathways and catalyze climate actions on ground.


Verra develops and manages standards that are globally applicable and advance action across a wide range of sectors and activities. We are accredited by Verra for VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), SD VISta ( Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard) and CCB (Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard).


Social Carbon

Social Carbon is a Standard that certifies carbon reduction projects for their contributions to sustainable development. The standard includes six aspects of project sustainability and is known as the Social Carbon hexagon. Each component of hexagon includes carbon and biodiversity as well as social, financial, human, and natural components.


An international programme for climate change mitigation project registration and certification, a key player in the carbon market in Columbia.


The GHG emissions removal and reduction platform, which generates value for the carbon market.

Our Achievements

  • According to Annual Synthesis Report for 2019-2020 by UNFCCC, KBS has outranked all the other DOE’s with the highest number of total verification/validation project activities.
  • Validated / Verified 500+ projects
  • 99.19 % Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 0 appeals, complaints, disputes


KBS is premier DOE/VVB with a pool of experienced auditors. We are accredited by UNFCCC (for CDM), IAF member- NABCB (for ISO 14065:2013 and Zed Scheme), Global Carbon Council (GCC), VERRA (for CCB, VCS & SD Vista), Gold Standard Foundation (GS4GG) and various other standards like SOCIAL CARBON, CERCARBONO, PROCLIMA for carrying out validation and verification of GHG/climate change mitigation projects. We have validated / verified more than 500 GHG mitigation projects globally covering most of the sectors KBS outranked all the other DOE’s with the highest number of projects as per the Annual Synthesis Report (2019-2020)

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.