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Product Certification is the process of certifying that a given product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications, also called certification schemes.

Product certification can offer the customer formal documentation that the product they have purchased has been tested by qualified personnel to the applicable codes and/or standards. Those seeking certification for their products must demonstrate that they have adequate quality control systems in place to maintain conformity of their products with the standards.

This is a powerful metric to differentiate your product from others and provide your clients with confidence that your products fully comply, thus mitigating their purchasing risks. 

Your certification mark will allow you to:

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Access new markets
  • Add value to your product

Whether the equipment is for industrial, household, or medical applications, we will provide the required testing, assessment, and certification services. 

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION (Country Specific Requirements)

  • CE Marking
  • UKCA Mark 
  • FDA Certification 
  • FCC Mark
  • KCC Mark
  • CCC Mark
  • G-Mark
  • SASO Certification 
  • RCM C Tick Mark
  • SNI Mark
  • EAC Mark

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