Gold Standard for Global Goals (GS4GG)

The Gold Standard is a holistic standard that integrates Energy and Waste, Land Use & Forests, and Water to maximize the benefits of each respective scope. With a single, streamlined certification process that reduces costs and complexity, Gold Standard assesses the impact of project activities toward the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

It provides project developers with a tool to ensure that the CDM and deliver credible projects with real sustainable development benefits and, in so doing, confidence to host countries and the public that projects represent new and additional investments in sustainable energy services. Carbon offset projects that satisfy Gold Standard requirements are granted permission to use the Gold Standard brand name and logo, and sell their carbon credits with the Gold Standard label. A firm or organization wishing to register a project with the Gold Standard and obtain GS certification for the project’s carbon credits follows the same steps as for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), but must supply additional information at various stages of the process.

Why GS4GG?

Following are the benefits which can be achieved through the projects registered to gold standard:

  • Gold Standards CERs and VERs attain premium prices due to the co-benefits brought about to local communities and the quality of emission reductions.
  • Increasing the project’s profitability through the trading of carbon credits and additional funding.
  • Real and permanent emission reductions and sustainable development. girişrestbetcdn.combetturkeygiris.orgbetvolem.comtipobetm.comsahabetgir.orgtarafbetgiris.infomatadorbetvip.comKralbetDeneme Bonusu Veren SitelerSupertotobethack