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iso 14001 2015 Environmental management system

Sustainibility Assurance Services

The practice of sustainability reporting (the regular reporting of environmental, social, and governance [ESG] data) is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception for global companies. In fact, this type of disclosure is now required of companies operating in several countries including, as of 2017, companies operating across the European Union. The emergence of reporting requirements, coupled with investors’ growing interest in ESG data, has fueled growth in corporate sustainability reporting and the widespread availability of company-level data on a broad range of non-financial issues. The Standards help businesses, governments and other organizations, understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues. 

Therefore, it is well understood that the Sustainability Assurance services are principle-based standards that can be used by the organizations/clients to demonstrate leadership and performance in accountability, responsibility, and sustainability.

Why Sustainibility Assurance Services?

KBS provides various benefits to an organization, some of which are listed below:

  • Strengthens internal awareness of material sustainability risks.
  • Positive influence on branding and reputation is achieved.
  • Enabling external stakeholders to understand the organization’s true value, its tangible and intangible assets.

Why KBS?

KBS is one of the most active DOE/VVB in climate change services and has acquired several years of experience in the field of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other services and has successfully validated/ verified/ certified more than 500 projects globally. KBS is also a licensed AA1000AS (2008) assurance provider accredited by AccountAbility UK. The standard AA1000AS (2008) assurance provides a comprehensive way of holding an organization accountable for its management, performance, and reporting on sustainability issues by evaluating its adherence of an organization to the Accountability Principles and the reliability of associated performance information.

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