This program is a certification schema, that include also the guidelines for the registration of GHG mitigation initiative that demonstrate compliance with the requirements established in the legal national legal frameworks and compliance with the rules and procedures established by PROCLIMA.

The certification and registration of mitigation initiative and other GHG projects are possible within this program’s framework if such initiatives or projects have been previously validated and verified by accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies, which comply with the provisions’ in-force regulations.

The scope of this program is limited to:

  • The following greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol: carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O)
  • Mitigation initiatives using a methodology developed or approved by this Program, applicable to sectoral scope GHG mitigation projects and REDD+ projects
  • The other GHG projects that using a methodology proposed and approved for use under the
  • CDM mechanisms
  • The other GHG projects that apply a methodology developed or approved by this program
  • Quantifiable GHG emission reductions and removals generated by the implementation fo
  • the sectoral GHG mitigation prpjects as also when applicable to REDD+ projects
  • Measurable and verifiable reductions of GHG emissions from the other greenhouse projects.


Cercarbono is a private voluntary carbon certification standard or programme, which facilitates and guarantees the registration of Climate Change Mitigation Programmes or Projects (CCMPs), the certification of emissions and the registration of carbon credits generated by these programmes or projects.